Company History

In 2007, the Workroom Association of American, founded by Mary Ann Plumlee envisioned a group of like-minded workroom owners interested in sharing ideas and expanding their businesses.

In 2015, Claudia Buchanan and Anita Boetsma took over the reins, added more vendors and changed the name to the Workroom Resource Group, removing the trade association affiliation.

In 2017, Jill Ragan Scully stepped into the driver’s seat with her vision, My Designer Concierge. Having a deep-rooted background throughout many areas within the soft furnishings industry she saw the need to expand the discounts offered, offer more market-type products and expand into the web design market as well.

“My focus is to help small business owners compete with the larger companies by offering great pricing on products through our buying group membership. Once our members’ businesses start to grow beyond a certain point we will be there to offer our second level of membership, website design. We want to partner with businesses to help them grow without having to add staff and increase internal overhead”.